Teacher Career Pathway

How do we retain our strong teachers? How can we support our teachers toward growth? What rewards, supports, and incentives might teachers want, and how can we create structures that fill those needs?

These questions and more framed the discussion at "Developing a Meaningful and Effective Teacher Career Pathway," a February 11th workshop hosted by NYC Collaborates in partnership with Achievement First. Fifty teachers and leaders from both district and charter schools came together over dinner at Brooklyn Borough Hall to grapple with issues around teacher development and retention.

Sarah Coon, Achievement First's Senior Director of Talent Development shared her network's approach to teacher retention and presented the goals, implementation, and early findings of the Teacher Career Pathway she and her team have worked to develop. Sarah shared several resources with the group, including AF's Teaching Excellence Framework and the AF Essentials Rubric, used to support and evaluate teachers.

Throughout the workshop, participants were engaged in small group conversations around how best to measure effective teaching, how to deliver feedback to teachers, and what rewards might be given to teachers demonstrating growth. Discussing the strengths and potential challenges of AF's approach, participants reflected on how the approach and lessons learned at AF might inform their work in their own schools.

Participants left with new ideas, new professional contacts, and tangible resources to take back to their own work.