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DC Charter’s Project-Based After-School Program ‘Wows’ in Its Results for English Learners, Expands to District Schools

Teacher Nicole Battle was deliberately playing devil’s advocate with the second- and third-graders gathered in her classroom after school on a sunny Monday in April. Why should girls go to school when they just grow up to stay home and take care of kids? she asked. Why does it matter if immigrant families are split up? It’s fine for some people to have dirty brown water come out of their taps. It’s safe, right?

May 8, 2018

Uncommon Schools, NYC DOE Partnership Grows Beyond Bklyn

The partnership between Uncommon Schools, the largest charter school organization in Brooklyn, and the NYC Department of Education (DOE) seems to be growing deeper and spreading beyond Brooklyn, and this past Saturday was an illustration of that growing collaboration.

Kings County Politics
March 12, 2018

Lavelle Prep’s “New York State Charter School Dissemination Grant” Kicks Off Second Year

This September, Lavelle Prep entered Phase II of the “New York State Charter School Dissemination Grant” in collaboration with four community school partners. Awarded in May 2016 by the New York State Department of Education, the grant provides financial support which enables Lavelle Prep, IS 24, PS 44, PS78 and Port Richmond High School to collaboratively share in the experience of disseminating best practices in our innovative approach to teacher and instructional evaluation, transparency in collegial conversations, lesson planning, professional development, and more.

Integration Charter Schools
October 26, 2017

Even as political battles persist, more district and charter schools join partnership program

Recently, Dawn Brooks DeCosta, the principal of a traditional elementary school in Harlem, was looking for way to boost her students’ social and emotional skills. Her search led her to an unlikely event: a charter school assembly. She watched as students at the Bronx Lighthouse Charter School publicly shared life updates. Some had lost a tooth, others celebrated a birthday, still others were earning A’s in math. Later, students competed to put the scattered lines of a poem back in order.

Chalkbeat New York
September 28, 2017

Chris Cerf: How Newark’s Public Schools — Both Traditional and Charter — Are Working Together to Lift All Boats

I serve as superintendent of the Newark Public Schools and previously served as the state commissioner of education. In both capacities, I have defined my goal in precisely the same way: to do everything possible to assure that every child, regardless of birth circumstances, has access to a free, high-quality public education that launches him or her into adulthood prepared for success.
April 4, 2017

Unifying Enrollment in Camden: How Families Experienced the New Enrollment System

District and charter partners in Camden, NJ, have implemented a new enrollment process designed to give families equal access to schools across the city through a neutral, unified system, while also guaranteeing a spot at their neighborhood school. “Camden Enrollment” replaces a patchwork system of 17 different application forms with a wide range of deadlines.

Center on Reinventing Public Education
December 27, 2016

Brooklyn Superintendent Spearheads Charter-District School Collaboration

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT — In central Brooklyn’s District 16, superintendent Rahesha Amon hopes to foster links between district and charter schools. “There is real power when we come together and the best interest is in the children that we serve,” Amon said.
December 19, 2016

De Blasio: Charter and Public Schools Should Work Together

Despite his fraught political history with charter schools, on the first day of class today Mayor Bill de Blasio said he wants to see charter and traditional public schools sharing ideas with each other more often.

September 8, 2016

Sharing Success

When America's first charter school law was passed in Minnesota 25 years ago, charters were envisioned as laboratories of innovation that would help inform practices in the broader public education system. It hasn't worked out that way, however, and the relationship between charters and district schools has instead been one of competition and acrimony.

US News & World Report
August 16, 2016

RCSD, Rochester Prep team up to recruit teachers of color

The air conditioning was droning through a hot, drowsy day of summer school this week at Rochester Prep Elementary School on Jay Street, where teacher-in-training Shanise Williams was working on a math problem. What's $7 less than half of $62? The students were practicing keeping their terms and operators straight. Williams, a rising senior at the College at Brockport who hopes to become a health teacher, was practicing skills of her own: how long to hold a pause; when to praise, what to ignore.

Democrate & Chronicle
July 15, 2016

High-performing NYC charter schools to split $3.5M grant to share best practices with public schools

The state Education department is giving seven city charter schools $500,000 each to help them share best practices with traditional Big Apple public schools, department officials said Wednesday. The group of high-performing charters includes Manhattan's Broome Street Academy Charter School, which targets homeless kids, and Leadership Prep Ocean Hill in Brooklyn, where kids from the underserved community of Brownsville achieve some of the highest test scores in Brooklyn.

The Daily News
July 6, 2016

De Blasio’s district-charter partnerships start with a focus on school discipline

Anthony Pirro has a vision for what discipline could look like at P.S. 54, the elementary school he runs in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Students who misbehave would be pulled aside to analyze their decisions. If they had disrupted class, they would apologize to others. Suspensions would be used only as a last resort.

Chalkbeat New York
April 21, 2016

Dogs and cats, working together

The city least likely to produce a fruitful collaboration between a traditional public school and a top charter school surely must be New York. After all, the mayor is famously anti-charter; his schools chief hands out public hugs to the teachers’ union president.

The Daily News
February 28, 2016

City unveils first batch of schools in new district-charter partnership

In an attempt to make good on its promise to work more collaboratively with the local charter sector, the city Department of Education announced the first batch of schools participating in a new "charter district partnership program" on Thursday.

February 11, 2016

City Hall facing growing pressure on school segregation

Mayor Bill de Blasio and city schools chancellor Carmen Fariña are facing increased pressure to address widespread segregation in New York City public schools, as evidenced by controversy around two rezonings and a growing chorus of critics in the City Council and education advocacy sector.

November 3, 2015

Segregation up at NYC schools

Race has long been a tough topic. Segregation in schools is no different. What are the benefits of socio-economic and racial diversity in schools? And how should we prioritize when we look at learning environments? These were some of the questions being asked by school integration advocates at an event at Brooklyn Law School.

Fox 5 NY
November 2, 2015

What two district school principals learned from charter schools

As the summer winds down and those of us who educate children prepare for another school year, we — two district-school principals — are proud to say that we are going into this new year alongside teachers who have been preparing and planning this summer in ways we have not in the past.

The Daily News
September 9, 2015

As the city pushes collaboration, demo schools fine-tune their tips

Naomi Smith and her team at Central Park East II knew that their early-education methods worked. To demonstrate, they opened their doors to visitors from other schools last year, pointing out how time spent playing with blocks and Play-Doh helped the school’s youngest students learn and develop.

Chalkbeat New York
July 28, 2015

Raise Your Hand: Where are co-located schools working well together?

“Is there a building that houses many schools that are working particularly well together? How are the schools collaborating?” Kate Del Priore, executive director of Schools That Can NYC, has had that question on her mind as she checked in with schools this week.

Chalkbeat New York
June 26, 2015

Myth Busting: Charters Do Share, Mr. Mayor!

I was disappointed to read in a recent news article Mayor de Blasio’s pronouncement that, “…district schools will share where charters will not.” I commend the mayor for opening up more PROSE schools and allowing a percentage of district schools more freedom and flexibility, but his statement that charters are not sharing is simply untrue.

NYC Charter School Center
June 11, 2015

Trips, a TED talk, and Renewal decisions await teachers on training day

Since 2006, the first Thursday of June has been a mandatory training day for teachers, principals and staff members. This time, “Renewal” schools are meeting to decide what performance benchmarks they want to hit in the coming years, others are planning field trips across the city, and — at Chancellor Carmen Fariña’s urging — many others will check out a TED Talk about the importance of connections between teachers and students.

Chalkbeat New York
June 8, 2015

From Co-location to Collaboration: building charter-district partnerships

Fostering a genuine two-way street of inter-school collaboration was central to recommendations for improving the co-location process, released last year by a working group formed by the de Blasio administration. Given the ongoing controversy around co-locating public schools, particularly those involving public charters, there is no better time to act on this call for collaboration than now. Indeed, expanding these practices is precisely the approach policymakers should take to reduce tensions surrounding co-locations and to create new opportunities to support teachers and serve all city students.

Educators 4 Excellence
February 11, 2015

Fariña calls for collaboration with (and from) charters

City schools chancellor Carmen Fariña pushed for more collaboration between district and charter schools during a professional development day for district teachers and principals held at an Uncommon charter school in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Capital NY
February 2, 2015

In first year as chancellor, Fariña counts on collaboration

We have gotten more schools to change practices not by mandating, but by collaborating,” [Fariña] said in an interview Monday. “I could have said across the board, ‘Every middle school needs to do X, Y and Z.’ And we didn’t do that.”

Chalkbeat New York
December 24, 2014

Co-location in Action: Our Three-School Campus Collaborating to Serve Children

A year ago, there was a lot of attention given to co-locating charter schools in New York City. Based on our early experiences collaborating with the leaders, teachers and students at M.S. 113 and P.S. 372, we would like to share our perspective on how co-locations can enhance learning experiences for children across the city.

Compass Charter School Blog
December 11, 2014

Deputy Mayor praises KIPP founder; Collaboration efforts continue

“I do think it’s easy to forget where we were in this country 20 years ago, 25 years ago, when the basic debate was, can our children actually learn? Can children with my skin color in places like Brooklyn, like the Bronx or Houston, can they actually be taught? I think because of the movement that Dave [Levin] has been a part of — we still have plenty of debates in education, but that’s not one of them.”

Chalkbeat New York
December 2, 2014

High-Performing N.Y.C. Charter Schools Share Their Success Strategies

While clashes between New York City district schools and charters get a lot of attention, a quiet effort is under way to help district teachers and principals learn from high-performing charters. More than 200 teachers from 17 district schools spent Tuesday at a training run by Uncommon Schools, which has 21 charters citywide. And last week, 20 district principals visited Harlem charters run by Success Academy, whose founder, Eva Moskowitz , fought with Mayor Bill de Blasio last spring over co-located space for her expanding network.

November 6, 2014

District leaders look under the hood of a Success Academy

At Success Academy Harlem 5, students were under a microscope on Thursday — though that wasn’t out of the ordinary for its elementary schoolers. In most of the school’s classrooms, clipboard-toting assistants make sure students stay on task. Standing off to the side as students work, they praise and critique at a near-constant clip.

Chalkbeat New York
October 30, 2014

Success Academy teachers don’t plan their lessons, and other teachers shouldn’t either

It is clear to me that the achievement of charter schools like the Success Academy schools is in large part due to their recognition of the importance of letting people do the things at which they are best. Let’s follow their example. Let’s free more teachers from the burden of planning, and see what happens when they can focus on their most important job: teaching and connecting with students.

Chalkbeat New York
October 6, 2014

Collaborating, Not Competing

One of the first educational leaders to call for autonomous, self-governed “schools of choice” was Al Shanker, the late president of the American Federation of Teachers. This fact is often forgotten in the contentious debate around charter schools today.

Education Post
September 17, 2014

During summer break, teachers find coveted collaboration time

Barbara Niederhoffer and Eddie Abdenour, both math teachers at College of Staten Island High School, helped each other fine tune their course plans during a summer workshop. They said such collaboration is frustratingly rare.

Chalkbeat New York
July 29, 2014

Charters, Public Schools and a Chasm Between

“There’s no reason why there shouldn’t be that type of cooperation and collegiality,” he said. “It will give our kids an opportunity to show they are certainly no different from the kids upstairs, that they have the same promise and the same potential.”

NY Times
May 12, 2014

How to Share Space and Still Get Along

This week, the Department of Education and the New York City Charter School Center, via NYC Collaborates, brought a group of principals together to talk about how to share nicely, or nicer anyway. Here are their top four lessons...

WNYC Schoolbook
December 19, 2013


Compact Threatened: New Mayor’s Proposed Policies Could Set Back Efforts to Improve District-Charter Collaboration and Equity

December 1, 2013

How We Cross The Charter-District Divide

Over the course of the mayoral race, if you listened to the candidates discuss public education, one of the most pressing issues facing our education system today is whether schools should be able to share space, or co-locate, in public school buildings.

Gotham Schools
October 30, 2013

Testimony at City Council Hearing

Director of NYC Collaborates testified October 2 at a City Council hearing where three resolutions related to co-location were discussed.

October 2, 2013

Executive Moves: Jaclyn Leffel

In her new capacity, Jaclyn Leffel will guide NYC Collaborates through its mission to encourage public conversation and on-the-ground partnerships between district and charter schools.

August 27, 2013

Bronx Students Make a Documentary About Living with Co-Location

Girls from charter school, The Young Women's Leadership School of the Bronx, recently became filmmakers. Last month, they trotted down a red carpet into a Manhattan theater to see the premier of their documentary, called “Co-Located…And Loving It?”

DNAinfo New York
July 2, 2013

Teacher Collaboration: The Essential Common-Core Ingredient

With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards in English/language arts and math in almost every state, we are raising the bar on what students must master to be prepared in an increasingly competitive world...

New Visions for Public Schools
December 11, 2012

Grants Back Public-Charter Cooperation

In an effort to encourage collaboration between charter schools and traditional neighborhood schools, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded $25 million in grants to seven cities...

New York Times
December 5, 2012

Building Bridges Between District and Charter Schools

NYC Collaborates will include a series of on-the-ground partnerships, events and collaborations between all New York City public schools, regardless of type, and kicks off with a Bronx School Study Tour Program...

The Bronx Times
May 12, 2012

The Kids Dreamed It; The Community Built It.

On Saturday, more than 200 volunteers from across Bedford-Stuyvesant and beyond came together to build a playground from scratch for the elementary school children of 800 Gates Avenue...

Bed-Stuy Patch
May 7, 2012

District-Charter Collaboration: The Central Falls Success

Central Falls, R.I., is a speck of a city, one square mile of triple-decker houses and tired storefronts a few miles up the road from the state capital, Providence. It is the poorest city in Rhode Island, with 27 percent of its residents below the poverty line, according to the Census Bureau...

New York Times
January 2, 2012